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Final information Pleinvrees ADE

20/21 October 2022

With ADE only days away, here’s your final info update for you to enjoy our epic ADE night(s)! We can’t wait to finally return to our beloved club venue! Hereby the final information so you can come fully prepared.


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The doors of De Westerunie will open Thursday at 22:00h and on Friday at 22:30, both nights we will dance until 7:00 in the morning. The entrance will be closed at 5:00h so make sure you’re in before then. The address of the location is Klönneplein 4-6, 1014 DD Amsterdam. Please be aware you can’t re-enter the event.


Do you want to visit the Westerunie by public transport? Plan your travel with 9292 and be aware that during holidays traveling schedules of public transport may be different from their regular schedules.
Nothing is better than traveling from a to a party by bike. There are plenty of bike spaces near the event. Bikes parked at other inconvenient places will be removed due to safety regulations. Don’t forget to take your bike home: the bike-parking will be removed shortly after the event and bikes that are still there will be cut loose.
Do you want to travel by car? Be aware you are the designated driver. The nearest parking address is Q-park Westerpark, Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, Amsterdam.
There will be a special taxi-stand near the Westerunie, just follow the signs to get to there. Remember there is a chance fewer taxis are available during the Holidays. And please beware of the illegal “taxi drivers”. It’s illegal to get in the taxi with them, fines for using them can run very high.


At De Westerunie we only accepts payments by card (debit/credit). We don’t accept cash.


-> Lockers: there will be plenty of lockers at the venue to store your belongings in. The size is 23 x 27 x 40 cm
-> Smoking: It is forbidden to smoke inside the venue, but we have an outdoor terrace where you can go for your shot of nicotine. We don’t sell cigarettes at the venue, so bring your own.
-> First Aid: Please don’t hesitate to go to our First Aid station if you don’t feel well.The First Aid crew is your friend 🙂
-> Parking: Westergas is a Car-free zone. However you can park closely on the streets or in Qpark Westerpark at only 200 meters distance of Westerunie.


To minimize our impact on De Westerunie and the environment, we’re working with recycle-cups. You’ll get 1 free token for you first cup at the entrance for free. Return your empty cup to the bar when getting a new drink or pay a deposit token extra for a new cup. So make sure you don’t throw your cup away 🙂


Plees keep in mind that Pleinvrees has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. Using alcohol & drugs is never without risks! Be aware about the fact that harddrugs are illegal. It may seem in our tolerant society that drugs are accepted, but in law it is not allowed. Do you still choose to use drugs? Please test your drugs before you use them. It is also important to inform the people you are with what and how many you used. Always be aware of each other. Check out the site how to: .
If you don’t feel well, go to the first aid (EHBO) or ask for help. The first aid has a professional secrecy and will never report it with the police. They are an listener ear and will help you to calm down when needed.


Last but not least, our lovely timetables with all of your heroes in one view. Save it on your mobile so you’ll always know when to be where!