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FAQ Pleinvrees ADE

Where & when

Pleinvrees ADE 2022 will take place on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October. The location is the industrial Westerunie: Klönneplein 4-6, 1014 DD Amsterdam

Opening hours

You can’t wait and do you want to be there at the very beginning? Thursday 20 October will be from 22:00 until 7:00. Be aware: on Friday 21 October the doors will open half an hour later,  from 22:30 until 7:00.

You can not re-enter the event after you left.


This event is 18+. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your ID or passport to confirm your over 18 years.


In October during the night it could cool down, bring your coat/sweaters. There are lockers available at the Westerunie. You could rent a locker at the entrance. One locker could fit up to two coats.


Press inquiries could be sent to

Working during Pleinvrees ADE

Do you want to work during Pleinvrees ADE? Please take a look at the website of The Revolution Foundation for more information.


Pleinvrees Events BV.
Archangelkade 31
1013 BE Amsterdam

Pin only

The event will be pin only at the bars. Be aware that you can’t pay with cash at any of the bars.

Celebrate safe

What is Celebrate Safe?

We dance together, so please be mindful of yourself and each other. We expect an open attitude from our visitors towards other guests, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion and age. If you see or experience any unwanted attention, harassment or behavior of any kind that makes you uncomfortable, please speak out and notify staff.

Please keep in mind: we love being your annual host, therefore, we would like to ask you to enjoy responsibly.

ADE is proud partner of the Celebrate Safe campaign.
Check out Unity’s 10 tips to Celebrate Safe during ADE:

Prepare ♥ Be at your best

Just say Know ♥ Inform yourself

Pace yourself ♥ Take things slowly

Better safe than sorry ♥ Less is more

Think for yourself ♥ Care about others

Love your body ♥ Take time to recover

Have fun and Celebrate Safe!

Alcohol & Drugs

Using alcohol & drugs is never without risks! Be aware about the fact that harddrugs are illegal. It may seem in our tolerant society that drugs are accepted, but in law it is not allowed. Do you still choose to use drugs? Please test your drugs before you use them. It is also important to inform the people you are with what and how many you used. Always be aware of each other.

If you don’t feel well, go to the first aid (EHBO) or ask for help. The first aid has a professional secrecy and will never report it with the police. They are an listener ear and will help you to calm down when needed.


Drugs are not allowed by law and therefore not at Pleinvrees ADE. At the entrance, every visitor is checked and therefore also searched for possession of soft and hard drugs. You could get fined or even jailed if you have something in your pocket.


Public Transport

Do you want to visit the Westerunie by public transport? Plan your travel with 9292 and be aware that during holidays traveling schedules of public transport may be different from their regular schedules.


Nothing is better than traveling from a to a party by bike. There are plenty of bike spaces near the event. Bikes parked at other inconvenient places will be removed due to safety regulations. Don’t forget to take your bike home: the bike-parking will be removed shortly after the event and bikes that are still there will be cut loose.


Do you want to travel by car? Be aware you are the designated driver. The nearest parking address is Q-park Westerpark, Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, Amsterdam.


There will be a special taxi-stand near the Westerunie, just follow the signs to get to there. Remember there is a chance fewer taxis are available during the Holidays. And please beware of the illegal “taxi drivers”. It’s illegal to get in the taxi with them, fines for using them can run very high.

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House rules

If you enter the Westerunie, please be aware of their house rules at any time.

Algemene voorwaarden

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Privacy statement

Lees hier de Privacy Statement.

En uiteraard is Pleinvrees Festival geen privacy gelegenheid.

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