In the summer of 2012 a lost technician sends out an S.O.S. signal in the middle of the Amazone near the Rio Araguaia. Two rangers went to the rescue and saved the helpless man from this beautiful but hazardous environment. From that moment, Kapibara (Hystricomorpha) was born. After making sounds for a while (mostly without recording anything) they decided that it was time to take the next step and produce some tracks. In March 2013 their first projects were shown to daylight. Their sounds, deephouse and techno, include influences of wildlife and needs at least one of four elements to make it Kapibara worthy. First, it must have a theme, a concept. They like to blend organic, natural sounds (described as ‘artisan’) with the eletronic. Second, feeling and emotion. This often comes with their melodic appeal, the third element. The last element which they find very important in their musical preference is that part in the drums that makes you move and keep on walking, the groove. In the studio they use the words ‘sauce’ and ‘spice’ for it. Kapibara consists of three members from the Netherlands, two of which are behind the decks.