Tony y Not

Tony y Not’s rousing blends of sounds are as razor sharp as she is. She bounces between clean and upbeat rhythms to funky build-ups to dark synth and acidy disco. ADJ, producer and cosmic event planner, she whips up unapologetic musical cocktails geared to make people move.

With sonic influences taking off from her native Germany and evolving to the tune of her travels, Tony y Not fuses together a truly unique blend of tones. Her style dynamically embraces European dance music, from the 80s and 90s till now and multi-genre grooves inspired by her years in Brooklyn.

Sprinkling NYC nightlife with effervescent evenings, providing a platform for female identifying artists to craft spaces for all, it didn’t take long for Tony y Not to make a name for herself. Mental health in the nightlife industry is something she passionately advocates for in her podcast Safe Spaces Series.

From parties and festivals like Cityfox and Fusion Festival to experiences like Mayan Warrior, Tony y Not uses music as a tool to communicate what words cannot, empowering crowds to smile, look forward, and not take themselves too seriously. As she continues to build international momentum and rip through beats with spunk and positivity keep in mind she could be coming for you next.